Cutting Horse and Equine Photography Services

We offer flexible and varied services and products.

Equestrian Event General Coverage

Subject to our schedule, when arrangements have been made with an event organizer, we will attend local area cutting and equine events to photograph as many participating riders and horses as possible, however, we can not guarantee that every rider will be photographed. Following the event, we will process the images back at our studio and in about 3-5 business days participants may then proof and place their order for photo products from our website.

If you know of, or are organizing a cutting or equine event that you would like us to attend, please contact us with the event details and contacts so we may make the necessary arrangements.

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Scheduled Farm Shoots

We can be scheduled to travel to your farm or training facility to photograph you and/or your horses. Following the shoot, we will process the images back at our studio and will notify you when they may be proofed on our website. Additional proofing options such as on site, CD proofs, or printed proofs can be arranged prior to scheduling the shoot an we will be happy to review all available options with you. After you have proofed your photographs, you may place your order from our website, mail order or by telephone.

Please feel free to contact us at anytime to discuss our service and we will be happy to provide a proposal for your Farm Shoot.

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